The Humble Pie Company is officially closed! Woo!

Thanks for three great years of business in the Ocean State. You've consumed hundreds of thousands of pies with us and we couldn't be more grateful. Your love for our business was the greatest gift you could give. In the long run, it meant more than your cash, more than the pleasure we took watching you eat our pies (...and we did watch)

Personally, I've made so many friends, learned so much about community, capitalism, farming, people, and business. All skills to take along on the next adventures...because life is long and there will be many.

The first adventure has been a move to Boston, where we have a lovely little life in Allston. Alex runs a community audio storytelling space and I am a baker for Flour Bakery and Cafe...a dream job to be sure! None of this would have been possible without the modest savings that your support of Humble Pie helped create. Money that will someday help start the next business or help with a down payment on a home or who knows! Until the next thing, stop by Flour at 30 Dalton Street in Back Bay to say hi.

Love you all- Dan

i wear glasses now!

i wear glasses now!

The Humble Pie Company makes pies big and small in the fine city of Providence, Rhode Island. We serve New England and use the freshest ingredients, sourced locally. We sell our pies at farmers markets and cafes. You can pre-order our pies for pickup by clicking on the "Order Pie" link above and visiting our shop.

If you have any questions, feedback, or inquiries about special orders please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by email at or by phone at 401-227-0704. 


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On a warm summer evening, during a backyard potluck, our baker served his friends a plate of little golden pies. Each was filled with a sweet, creamy custard made from a bumper crop of parsnips, harvested out of his garden the previous spring. Among the attendees, they were a hit. For our baker, they were an epiphany: Make pie. The Humble Pie Company was born.

A simple root vegetable may sound like an unlikely inspiration for a business plan, but for Daniel Sheehan, it was a catalyst for clarity. Pie represents three things that we believe are important in quality baked goods. First, pie is fresh. It can use the seasonal ingredients that Rhode Islanders are so skilled at growing and producing throughout each year. Second, pie is simple. This simplicity demands that attention is paid to quality. Third, pie is community. It is made to be shared and, most importantly, made with love.

Humble isn't just part of a name. It is a trait that is found in our products and our people.


A long time ago, Daniel Sheehan graduated from Roger Williams University with a degree in Architecture and a sweet tooth. He spent his early career in Seattle, Washington building and eating all around the city. With each new construction site came an opportunity: to visit new bakeries.

As pastry consumption grew so did his desire to learn the art of baking. Thinking of it as a long shot, Daniel applied for employment at a few of his favorite shops. He was offered a job at Grand Central Bakery, one of the west coast's oldest artisan bakeries. It took just two months of early mornings, hot ovens, and sore muscles for him to realize this was going to be his career.

Daniel moved on to work for the locally renowned James Miller at Cafe Besalu. A small family owned bakery, it was regularly nominated for a James Beard Award. They still make, in Daniel's opinion, the best croissant in the entire world.

In 2011 he returned to Rhode Island with the intention of opening a small bakery. He found a new home working for Jim and Lynn Williams at Seven Stars Bakery in Providence. In the fall of 2013 Daniel said goodbye to the big bread oven and embarked on his new adventure, the Humble Pie Company.