Here's where we tell you about the sizes we offer and how to care for our while it is a guest at your home or event.


We sell Mini Pies at our farmers market and retail locations. They are available in the same seasonal flavors as our whole pies, handmade with plenty of tender crust for nibbling. If you want to really wow your loved ones, you can buy a baker's dozen. That's 13 little pie angels (for the price of 12!) fluttering about the table. It's a great way to try a selection of our seasonal offerings.



Our whole pies are available in 8" and a whopping 11" diameter, ensuring enough servings for anyone! Whole pies are for the filling lovers. The extra width means we can cram more of the good stuff inside of crusty borders. A medium 8" pie is great for 4-6 servings while a large pie can easily serve 8-10 hungry people. What's more, they stand alone without the help of a pan so every slice comes out clean. If you love a particular flavor in a mini pie, chances are you'll love it in a whole pie too.


Our pies are meant to be eaten fresh. However, as they are baked and sold fresh the are excellent keepers in the fridge and even out! With good practice, you can enjoy a Humble Pie for days and days.

Let's talk cold.  Cold, while great for preservation, will dramatically change the consistency of most baked goods, and pie is no exception. Flaky crust gets tough. Instead of refrigerating, try keeping your pie in its box at a modest, consistent temperature as you enjoy it. If you must extend the shelf life, go right ahead and chill it. For custards & cremes, we recommend refrigeration after the first day, both for flavor and freshness. Feel free to tell us what your keeping needs are and we'll direct you to a pie that suits those needs. One thing is certain, the taste will remain as good as on the day of purchase. 

You can freeze our pies too. Just allow the pie to thaw in a refrigerator for 24 hours before you refresh or eat it. Here's a few pointers:

  1. Refresh the crust: Our flaky classic crust, loves the heat. Put your pie in the oven for 5 minutes at 350°F. The crust, regardless of when it was bought will bounce back like new. Keep it in the oven longer for a hot pie.
  2. Freeze custards slowly, or not at all. Put them in the fridge first, followed by the freezer.
  3. Once frozen (you can put the box directly into the freezer), wrap pies in two layers of plastic wrap to prevent development of ice crystals and inhibit the absorption of odors.
  4. Keep pies out of direct sun, heat, and away from lots of moisture, even in their boxes. That would be asking for trouble.


Your pie is best cut with a sharp chef's knife rather than a serrated blade. Downward force is best to get through that flaky bottom. it helps to place a finger on the edge of the crust to keep it in place as you slice swiftly downward through it. We will make a fun video demonstrating this sometime soon.