2015 Farmers Market Salesperson

The Humble Pie Company is looking for sales people to sell our pies at the farmers markets around Rhode Island this summer. There are multiple slots open ranging from 6-7 hours each throughout the week to accommodate this economy’s busy, gig based worker.

Who are we? In brief, we are a bakery that sells delicious, honest pies made by hand using the freshest ingredients that Rhode Island farmers and producers have to offer. Visits us online at humblepiepvd.com for more details.

Now, before you get carried away imagining swimming in a sea of free pie, let us tell it to you straight. Here goes:

  • Hustlin’ ain’t easy. This is a physical job. Lugging, lifting, packing, reaching, squatting and high fiving. You should be able to lift 50# or so with ease.

  • In spite of the grunt work, you are nevertheless juggling delicate pastries. They require care and patience in their handling.

  • Since you are selling quality wares, you must look the part. Neat and clean in habits, appearance and personality is necessary...at least while working.

  • A registered vehicle, valid driver’s license, and the ability to stow things such as: pie containers, a folding table, tent, etc are required. Vehicles need not be quite as clean as your person.

  • You must be super reliable. Hey, we’re a new business operating on slim margins and trying to grow. No flakes. Yep, we sell on weekends and weekdays.

  • We’ll ask you how you’d sell our pies. Not in a grand overall plan kind of way, but you’d better wax poetic a little bit about the power of suggestion, capitalism, local food systems, etc. Impress the dickens out of us with crazy philosophical nonsense.

Now, what is in it for you? Well being the skilled sales maven you are, we would hire you as a contractor at a per market rate plus tips. Each market shift is about 6-7 hours. At the close of each market, you reap the benefits of pie as currency and may exchange remaining pies for whatever other vendors will give you. (And honestly, you can get a lot with pie.)

Time slots available, beginning in late May:

  • Wednesdays afternoon

  • Thursdays afternoon

  • Saturdays morning

Interested applicants can submit their resume with a cover letter. Please include a description of your availability and vehicle photo to daniel@humblepiepvd.com