Presenting a new concept in dessert from the Humble Pie Company:

What is the number one problem with pie? Portability. Today’s on-the-go business doer needs to eat dessert, just like the rest of us. Until now, short, one hour lunches and constant business talking prevented this from being possible. Not anymore. It is time our hard working people got their just desserts with...Pie In A Bag™.

Pie In A Bag™ can be taken anywhere. The car, airport bars, submarines, bus depots, even water coolers.  Anywhere business takes a breather Pie In A Bag™ is there. It is easy and not messy at all. It is thrown out once you’ve enjoyed it. It gets made in all of our custom flavors. Best of all, because it comes from real pie, you know it is delicious.

We’re Humble Pie Company and we think hard about how people eat, so you don’t have to.